Project Freedom aims to create a social impact platform utilizing the latest innovative technologies through which humanity can transact and create value in a decentralized manner.


Our Mission

The emerging model is a world without borders, creating equal opportunities, regardless of where you live in the world. Project Freedom will focus on creating and preserving the wealth of communities and individuals. We aspire to build a new sustainable economic model in which all people, from all corners of the world, are valued and are able to contribute to a brighter future for everyone.

As a shared infrastructure for people to work together, communities and organisations hold the key to ensure that this technology reaches vulnerable populations who need and stand to benefit from it the most. The objective is to harness talent, enthusiasm and resources from across the world, implementing strategies to create solutions to address  matters that can lift the prospects of disadvantaged communities in both undeveloped and developed territories worldwide. Projects in various locations, tackling specific issues, will be targeted and Project Freedom will implement innovative means to improve the effectivity and reach of the projects.

A Social Impact Fund will be created in order to raise capital and effectively impact people's lives in a positive manner. The fund will work through three schemes, investments, loans and donations. Investments and loans will help to create various social enterprises which will partly fund Project Freedom’s platform to create more socially and sustainably oriented businesses. Donations will directly assist disadvantaged individuals and/or communities in a charitable manner. By utilizing the potential and capabilities of sector experts, Project Freedom can cover a vast spectrum of needs of the disadvantaged communities. Health, Infrastructure, Education, Environment, Finance, etc. will be among the fundamental topics this project will address.

How do we create opportunities and provide finance for social impact projects to have more people included in the financial ecosystem ?
— Chris Vassallo, Founder of Project Freedom

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