In recognition of the Visionaries whose
outstanding generosity through their contributions and collaboration demonstrate a commitment to the
vision we are building together.


Crown’s overarching goal is to build a community of dedicated users who maintain a free, legally compliant, open-access and decentralized sandbox economy. Using the Crown Platform as its base of operations, this self-governing community dictates which user ideas and initiatives to fund through a democratic voting system. Every person with a stake in the network through node ownership and maintenance has a say in how it’s operated and developed. The Crown Platform itself will enable community members to legally and transparently trade goods, host applications, store value and manage contractual relationships through the power of blockchain.


Malta AI and Blockchain Summit

After three days of networking, exhibiting and deep learning, the Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit came to a successful and somewhat enchanting close. Over 8,500 attendees graced us with their presence, including the father of blockchain, Scott Stornetta, Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, the Winklevoss twins, Malta’s Prime Minister the Hon. Joseph Muscat, Abu Dhabi’s Royal Highness, and the legendary John McAfee!

In 2019, we will be increasing in both size and scope, reflecting the hypervelocity of advances and immense opportunities that the sector has seen over recent months. Due to increased demand, we’re hosting two shows this year:

  • the first in May, 23rd and 24th

  • the second in November, 7th and 8th


Patient Care Trust

Patient Care Trust provides a comprehensive medical assistance service that ensures all Tibetans have access to safe and affordable quality medical care, regardless of the severity of their health conditions or socioeconomic status.


nikoshi digital


NHP (now here plastik)

NowHerePlastik is an environment-friendly venture focused on the recycling of plastic materials, the majority of which would end up in the ocean, otherwise. The project provides the installation of collection platforms in various cities, inside of which anyone will be able to deposit his plastic waste to be recycled in return for a charitable donation.

The retribution will be in form of cryptocurrency, depending on how much plastic the participant deposits. The cryptocurrency will be provided by the platforms through a digital screen in different ways, based on the user experience



Pacific is a set of nine microsystems that jointly create an intuitive tool enabling the comprehensive use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method in everyday life. The access to the system is granted through a mobile or a web app. By using one of the apps, you are able to perform any transaction available on the cryptocurrency market. The app allows for making payments in brick and mortar as well as online stores, exchanging digital currencies via the exchange systems, using automatic conversion to avoid foreign exchange rate risk and buying or selling cryptocurrencies for cash in Pacific Partners’ POS. The Pacific system makes the use of cryptocurrencies practical, convenient and competitive compared to traditional payment methods.


busyman is an internet platform that connects authors of innovative ideas, start-up projects and alternative investment opportunities with private investors, companies and institutions seeking new directions in business and investing their resources in innovation.

Busyman represents a man - the author of a business idea or an investor who has decided to be "busy", take his own fate and start a business! He is a man who has a clear goal - to become absolutely independent while doing only what fills him! He wants to achieve this in a clean and fair way.


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