Developments in technology have come to a point where humanity can now aspire to  create a world without borders, We are of strong faith that the emerging models based on decentralization are so significant that they will impact most aspects of human activity, Specifically, the decentralization of finance has the potential to lift billions of people out of poverty and create fresh opportunities to raise the quality of life. Project Freedom aims to take the lead by example within the area of the Social Impact industry for an all-inclusive system to emerge as the dominant model for the betterment of all .

Human value

Humanity has been dominated by centralization for millennia as this was the only viable system to model a functioning administration and to conduct trade in a growing population. Specifically, when you centralize the economic system, this leads to the creation of upper and lower classes. This model makes the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, with the wealth gap always increasing. It is a debt based system, making it completely unsustainable. Politically, most communities are a so-called democracy. Governments are voted into office which gives them almost exclusive legislative power as long as they are in term. History shows us that this has also lead to the mass exploitation of people.

The emerging model

Things are now changing as new models based on decentralization across most areas of human activity come of age. Project Freedom aims to re-evaluate the value of individuals within the context of society by actively evolving and piloting concepts with the specific objectives of establishing a fair standard of living, and subsequently working to raise human consciousness .

future village.jpg

This project seeks to promote peer to peer models that reach across the world, promoting the idea of creating one global community to collaborate and create opportunities for people, regardless of which territory they live in.

The development of the digital space is coming to resemble the design of nature, we are advancing to a point where the organic and digital world will merge together and work as one decentralized entity.
— Neal Camilleri