Our vision seeks to positively impact society and create an all-inclusive system for the betterment of all.

Imagine looking at the world from a distance, planet earth is the size of a small marble. All 7.6 billion humans, along with all other living beings call this place their home. Looking from this distance, nations, borders and all of our differences hold no meaning, we all belong to this one planet.




 In order for humanity to take its next step in evolution, we need to endorse a one world approach. Humans now have the capacity and technology to communicate and transfer value all across the globe. It does not matter where you live, in what country you come from, you may live in a remote village or high up in the mountains, you can now create and transfer value across the world without borders.

This approach means that humanity now has the power to solve transnational issues, we don’t need to wait for the government to solve our problems anymore. Sometimes people identify themselves by race, nation or social sentiment, but we are in fact one society, one human race. By practicing empathy, we can understand that people’s problems are our problems too. When humanity comes together, we can overcome any challenge.

Project Freedom is a platform for people to be able to create a better world.



Imagine no more, the world has moved into a new era, an era of decentralization where individuals have the system to collectively design their future and how they would like to live. Imagine John Lennon’s vision, a world with no borders, people living in peace, where the world can be as one. It’s taken a few decades for us to develop the technology to achieve John Lennon’s dream. The technology has now arrived, and this dream unfolds.
— Chris Vassallo